Saturday, April 21, 2007


The investigations of corruption within the City of Portsmouth and Scioto County all lead to one very important fact: The Portsmouth Daily Times and Paul Penix Sr. gave away the citizens rights to freedom of the press in the early 1980's and sold out for their own personal benefits to the SOGP gangsters.

In the late 1970's and the early 1980's the people of Portsmouth had three city councilmen, Mark Price, Harold Daub, and Andrew Clausing that uncovered a conspiracy that taxpayer's dollars were going to be spent on an alleged city mall that never was intended to be built. What was going to happen was a few local businessmen were going to line their personal pockets with millions of dollars at the taxpayers expense except for the fact that three "HONEST" city councilmen would have no part of the plan.

Instead of backing the "HONEST" councilmen, one man at the Portsmouth Daily Times, Paul Penix Sr. decided to attack these men with the power of the pen. It was at that one point in time that the City of Portsmouth and Scioto County were sold down the path of corruption, deceit, and immoral conduct by Paul Penix Sr. and his goons at the SOGP. Paul Penix Sr. was the man in control at the Portsmouth Daily Times and was the head cheerleader trying to destroy the reputations of Daub, Clausing, and Price. The Portsmouth Daily Times covered the stories of caskets being driven down Chillicothe Street, the councilmen's faces being burned, and other disgusting tactics all covered on the front page by Paul Penix Sr. and his paper, the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Lately the Portsmouth Police Chief has called internet sites, "terrorists", when in fact the true terrorist (first terrorist of Portsmouth) was Paul Penix Sr. and the Portsmouth Daily Times. The three councilmen, (Daub, Price and Clausing) had to have police protection at their homes which came under attack when the lies were printed in the PDT about them and their families. Ever since the early 1980's the SOGP has maintained control over the PDT by either providing or withholding city advertising dollars from companies that are members of the SOGP.

In 2003 the Portsmouth Police Chief Charles Horner had me come to his office to describe to him the "web of the SOGP" because Horner said to me that he believed that the SOGP was an active mobster organization in the City of Portsmouth. Chief Horner had it right but Horner is only after his own personal agenda. If he had followed through with his statements to me many of the SOGP officials would be in jail tonight. Instead Chief Horner has joined the PDT and the true terrorists at the PDT demanding that the free press be closed down once again.

So whenever you hear someone ask the question "When did Portsmouth begin to crumble?" remember it all started with one man, Paul Penix Sr. and his willingness to sell out the taxpayers for a mob organization called the SOGP (SAME OLD GANG PROGRAM!). The facts are right there for anyone to see! The blame starts with PENIX!

John Welton